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Features of the Fire Department Theme/Software

This Fire Department Theme/Software is aimed at the Volunteer Fire Departments so they can have an online presence, as well as have functionality they can use all at a reasonable yearly cost.
Fire Department Theme/Software is fully responsive, looks great on any size of device
Inspection Reporting Screen
  • Inspection Reports on the status of your Equipment (Truck Checks)
  • Review and submitted Inspection Reports
  • View submitted and approved Inspection Reports
  • Print Inspection Report
  • Set
  • Purchase Permits or they can be entered by an
  • All Permits stored electronically
  • Permits can be or stored off-line by Permit Holder
  • Permit Holder can register burns or via (requires the purchase of the intelligent Burn Permit Call-In System)
  • all Registered open burns
All personal data stored is fully encrypted
Burn Permits are customized to meet your needs
General Public Burn Permit Screen
For an additional cost your Fire Department can purchase our intelligent Burn Permit Call-In System for registering burns
Incident Reporting Screen
INCIDENT REPORTING All personal data stored is fully encrypted
Incident Forms can be customized to meet your needs
Automatically reads email from Who's Responding app and generates the Incident Report from the email received from dispatch
  • Add new SOGs
  • Revise existing SOGs
  • Retire SOGs
  • Review SOG by
  • Review SOG by
  • Firefighters get a message at sign-in time if they have any outstanding SOGs to review
SOG Screen
Training Schedule Screen
  • View Training Schedule On-line
  • Trainer reminders about their upcoming training session
  • Attendee reminders about upcoming training sessions
  • Name is hi-lited if signed in and you are a trainer
  • Only lists future dates
  • Easily maintained
  • Can add special training dates
  • View On-Call Schedule On-line
  • On-Call reminders for their upcoming on-call duty
  • Name is hi-lited if signed in and you are on schedule
  • Only lists future dates
  • Easily maintained
On-Call Schedule Screen
Equipment Home Screen
  • Turn Feature On or Off
  • Update Tanker Accreditation
  • Upload Certificate
Tanker Accreditation
Minutes Screen
  • Store Minutes from your meetings on your website
  • Restrict access by station or give access to everyone
  • is sent to notifiy Firefighters that there are minutes available for their viewing
  • Upload to the General Section of the website
  • Upload to the Firefighters Only Section of the website
  • Restrict who can upload photos to the General Section of the website
  • Fire Chief can delete any uploaded photo
Photo Upload Screen
Job Postings Screen
  • Post internal jobs
  • Firefighters will automatically see job posting after signing into the website instead of the regular home page
  • Posting only closes when you close it
  • Update Fire Chief message shown in the General Section of website
    • If Fire Chief does not update message they will receive an letting them know that the message was updated
  • Also have the ability to update the Fire Chief photo
Fire Chief Message Screen
Fire Status Screen
  • Quickly and easily change the Fire Status as required
  • Add a Fire Restriction
  • Fire Status on
  • Fire Status
  • Firefighters will receive an informing them of the Fire Status change
  • Any resident who signed up for Fire Status changes or anyone who purchased a Burn Permit will receive an that the Fire Status has changed
  • Residences can sign up to receive Fire Status updates right to their inbox
  • Any resident who purchases a Burn Permit is automatically signed up
Fire Status Signup Screen
Emergency Contacts Screen
  • View Emergency Contacts On-line
  • Easily maintain Emergency Contacts
  • Maintain Firefighters
  • View Emergency Contact Info on Firefighter if they update their Profile
  • Assign one or more roles to a Firefighter
  • Assign Fire Station
  • Control Administrative rights to website
Firefighters Screen
Send email Screen
  • Firefighters can send internally
    • To selected Firefighters
    • By Firefighter Roles
    • By Fire Station
    • Everyone within Fire Department
  • Fire Chief can send internal and external emails complete with attachments
  • Public and Firefighter Banner
  • Public Only Banner
  • Firefighter Only Banner
  • Pick Position of Banner
  • Firefighter Respond to Banner Option
  • Banner by Fire Station or all Fire Stations
Scrolling Banner
Help System on YouTube
When you see a question mark at the top right of the screen click on it to get help on the section you are working on. This will start another tab on your browser and you will be shown a YouTube video on the topic that you requested.
As more website features are added or enhanced, you get them free with your yearly license fee