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Features of the Fire Department Theme

This Fire Department Theme is aimed at the Volunteer Fire Departments so they can have an online presence as well as have functionality they can use all at a reasonable yearly cost.
Below are some of the key features available with this Fire Department Theme
Fire Chief Message
Complete control to update your Fire Chief message yourself along with the picture of the Fire Chief
Fire Status
You have the ability to update the Fire Status
Fire Status emails
Residences can sign up to receive those Fire Status updates right to their inbox

We can't forget about the Firefighters, they will also receive the Fire Status update via email

All Firefighters can send emails either to all Firefighters, or by Roles, or by Fire Station
Fire Chief can send external emails and attachments
Training schedule

Training reminders sent via email

On-Call Duty
On-Call Duty schedule

On-Call Duty reminders sent via email

Equipment management system

View all Equipment located at a Fire Station

Inspection Reports
Submit Inspection Reports on the status of your Equipment

Review submitted Inspection Reports

View previously submitted and reviewed Inspection Reports

Incident Reporting
Automatically read emails from Who's Responding, the Incident Summary - Full and the First Responder Printout

Firefighters can add their comments to the Incident

IC can submit their full report pertaining to the Incident

Upload Minutes
Upload minutes from your meetings and the Firefighters will get notified that the minutes have been uploaded for their viewing
Upload Photos
Firefighters will be able to upload photos for viewing in the restricted Firefighters only section or the general section of the website

Fire Chief has the ability to delete any photo they deem inappropriate

Internal Job Postings
Post internal jobs so all Firefighters can see what jobs are available
Each feature has their own help documentation built right into the screen
As more features are added or enhanced, you get them free with your yearly license fee.