Limited Time Offer
Fire Department Theme HOT OFFER is $30 per month instead of the regular $80 per month
Payable annually
For a limited time get the software free for a year.
No fine print or extra fine print. You just pay the cost of hosting for a year .
If you cancel after the HOT OFFER, the data belongs to you along with the Domain Name and the software still belongs to us.
This Fire Department Theme is aimed at the Volunteer Fire Departments where they don't have the budgets of the larger full time Fire Departments.
Why spend thousands of dollars to get your Fire Department an online presence. Request Live Demo

For your monthly fee, you will get:
Domain Name
Web Hosting
SSL Certificate
Shows your users that you are a trusted site
Daily Backups of your database
Premium DNS
All Software updates and enchancements
On-line help system

Works on any device size
Various screen devices showing screen shots of the Fire Department Template
Screen samples on various size devices

Common Questions
Can we have more than one Fire Station?
Yes. You can have up to 6 Fire Stations. Need more, then let us know.
Can I use another hosting company?
Yes, however you would be responsible for
  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Database and Website backups
  • Getting DTA DESIGNS INC. FTP access to the Website
  • Small monthly maintenance fee
Can I submit an enchancement to the system?
Yes. We would love to hear your ideas for making this Fire Department Theme the best it can be for you and your fellow Fire Departments.
Is there a software license agreement?
Yes. You can view the software license agreement by clicking here.
Can we cancel at any time?
Yes. Since billing is yearly, we'll refund any unused months based on the yearly fee paid at time of your renewal.
What is mine and what is yours if I cancel?
The Domain Name and data is yours. We will transfer the Domain Name to you if DTA DESIGNS INC. secured it for you (small transfer fee might be applicable). If you require the data just ask us for it. The software remains ours.